ITS Broker App Reviews

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Mostly crap

Cannot edit anything on an existing load post. Pretty much have to delete it and rewrite it up. Waste of time. Also cannot search for trucks without crashing every time!

Completely useless

No point in even downloading this waste of space. Not a single aspect works on it. I would expect better from ITS

Also does not search for trucks

After filling out all necessary info in order to find a truck and depressing DONE the app just closes. Useless. Don't bother wasting your time downloading. You will just delete it minuets later.

Rate & time discrepancies!

It's easier and faster to just log on to IT from the browser than use the app! When you post a load it does not allow you to go back and change any info...only delete the entire load. You cannot post the rate and the big kicker is it auto fills time of pick up and delivery in and you CANNOT change it!! We all know there are certain types of trucking companies that will print it and try to twist it to their advantage if they don't pick up on time!! Don't bother downloading the app :/

Garbage still

Don't use. Can't even type anything in any field. Come one ITS! Step it up

Why put crap out there?

You offer nothing with this app. It doesn't work. Pointless.

Just plain wrong

This app does nothing it's supposed to. It just stinks.

Good app

Yeah it didn't work at first but I was able to call their mobile support and they were able fix my issue and now I am able to see all my current postings.

Doesn't work!!

I was so excited when I saw thus but come to find out it doesn't work... At all. When you post a load it doesn't post. I didn't see it on my computer or the currently posted tab. Currently posted tab also doesn't show currently posted tabs. I had like 10 posted loads and it said there was no posted loads. Please fix. Would be great to use.

Complete garbage

The app is complete garbage. It would be invaluable if it worked. It does nothing of what it is supposed to. Do not even waste your time downloading it. I would give it no stars if I could.

Terrible App!

The app does not function properly...It does nothing it is supposed to do...I posted a load, then went to "view current loads", and it wasn't there or on the load board on my computer...Good thing it's free, cause its garbage....But it needs to be fixed because this would be an invaluable tool to brokers everywhere!

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